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12 Gauge Review

a metaphor for powerful writing - the biggest barrel, with the widest possible kill zone

16 Renford Road

a literary journal for poetry, prose, drama, and exposition


collected drawings, paintings, graphics, photos, comics, animations, video, stories, letters, essays, poetry, journals, reviews, spoken words, music, sounds

Dreaming Pool, The

poetry, short stories, articles, and multimedia presentations, with the theme of dreams and Jungian psychology

Elmer Swims

Elmer's in the water! Cyber-zine offering a graphically exciting setting for poetry and fiction


writing, art, and new media featuring criticism, fiction, poetry, philosophy, hypertexts, computer graphics, interactive artforms, scanned photography, and drawings


fiction, poetry, essays and graphics, where the arts and politics clash

From The Window

worldwide magazine of journalism, poetry, travelogues and experiential writing. Includes several eminent contributors


Journal of the Arts and Religion. Explores the relationship between Judeo-Christian faith and art through world-class fiction, poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, music, and dance


literary and cultural magazine, with fiction, poetry, and articles and reviews on music, art, film, books, and technology

Literal Latté

where challenging entertainment is not an oxymoron: prose, not pose; poetry, not performance; essays,not ego; art, not attitude


words are bare necessities

Oyster Boy Review of Fiction and Poetry

independent literary magazine that publishes fiction and poetry in Chapel Hill and is distributed throughout the Southeast. Submissions are accepted year-round

Pax Acidus

offers stories, poetry, and music for the e generation - people who enjoy techno, parties, and madness

Pearl Magazine

publishes contemporary poetry and short fiction, sponsors an annual poetry and short story contest, and publishes books of poetry

Pen & Sword Hypersite

Repository for poems, essays, fiction, graphics and multimedia. Includes the Pen & Sword electronic magazine, resources for research into hypertext literature

Penwood Review

poetry publication established to promote excellence in the writing of poetry and literary essays among students, educators, and writers in the Christian community.


dedicated to publishing quality poetry and short stories by new and emerging writers. Book, CD, movie reviews and political commentary also welcome

Poets & Writers

focuses on the source of literature, providing support and exposure to writers at all stages in their development

soiled ink

featuring fiction, poetry, rants, music, art, animation, and more

Stan Writes Prose

online literary magazine by young authors featuring poetry, fiction, and of course, prose. Also includes a poet and inspirational quote of the month

Stark Raving Sanity

electronic literary journal aiming to deliver the best poetry, short stories, and literary theory

State of unBeing

monthly literary magazine of absurdist rants, recipes for cthulhu, political romps, and divine fiction. Also home of STS-48 - freeform improv textual audio

Suitcase: A Journal of Transcultural Traffic

essays, critical commentary, reportage, art, photography, fiction, poetry, film, interviews with a focus on global issues, freedom of speech and human rights

Writer's Block - The Creative Reference for Today's Writers

provides technical, scientific, and business writers with a glimpse of the challenges in documentation and communications today. Includes a fun column on phrase and word origins

Writers Post, The

features stories, essays, and poetry, with an emphasis on Vietnamese literature translations

Xero Magazine

industrial small-press magazine of art, fiction, poetry, and photography


Featuring contemporary poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, and more


offering art, features, fiction, poetry, reviews, discussion, etc


A literary magazine featuring West Coast writers and artists, published in San Francisco.

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